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The manor is surrounded by 70.000 square meters of natural park, sunny medows, with quite corners covered by oaks shadow; an almond and a fig tree frame a lawn with a beawtifull view of Lugnano in Teverina village






Double/twin room with private bathroom


Double/twin room with private bathroom


Twin bed with additional bed or trible room with private bathroom





Pedro e Nina - le caprette africane
Leon e Luce - pastori maremmani
Le Quaglie
La Tortora dal collare
La Cesira - la gallina fetaiola
La Starna
Il Germano
Fritz - Il Galletto
Ettore - Il gallo
Casimiro - Il Faggiano
Casarca Australiana
Anatra Sposa
Anatra mandarina


The wind hole

The wind hole

In a little wood not far from us you can see fresh wind coming from a hole in the ground, waveing the grass. We’ll tell you the secret.

Amelia Theatre

Amelia Theatre

It was built in 1783, it has 50 stages on 3 orders (17 each order). The raised proscenium make you feel in the seventeen century.

Teatro della Concordia

Teatro della Concordia

The lobby is 29 square meters, the hall is 68 square meters and the stage is 50 square meters, it is called “the smallest theatre in the world”, and it is a perfect miniature of the great Italian and European theatre of the eighteen century.

Dunarobba fossil forest

Dunarobba fossil forest

About 50 remains of gigantic softwood logs are the witness of the green in the italian peninsula between 3 and 2 millions years ago, the Pliocene geologic period.

The villa Wonderland

The villa Wonderland

It i salso called “Holy Wood” buti t is known as the Bomarzo Monster Park. It is an eccentric place commissioned by Vicino Orsini jn 1552, it is carved in ground roks representing monsters, dragons, exotic animals, fauntains.

Civita di Bagnoreggio

Civita di Bagnoreggio

It is a unique wonderfull village, it is called the dieing Civita, a very small place where time is suspended. You can reach the village only by feet , only 12 people in winter and 100 in summer live there.

The beech forest

The beech forest

It is a wood 60 hectares wide. Tito Livio, the roman history writer mention the impenetrability of this wood, the “Silva Cimina”

we have ten horses and pony

                OUR HORSE PROPOSALS


individual lesson with professional coach

(including insurance)


Pony tour 


Cross country  (1 hour and half) 


enjoy cross country and horse familiarization for children

You can practice dressage and jumping

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool water temperature is maintaind between 29 and 31 celsius throughout the whole year.

Changing rooms with services and shower are located besides the pool

Activity in the pool

 Fitness training for adults and swimming training for kids monday through friday

Swimming Pool

Open in Summer

Closed in  Winter



Send us your booking request and mention the activities you would like going

Where are we

I tuoi dati sono stati inviati con successo!

Strada Palombara 62

Lugnano in Teverina





Tel: +39 335 59 78 107



From Rome

From Rome going north or Florence going southA1 tollroad Attigliano exitAfter the exit take a right At the end of the road take a leftFollow the road in front of Attigliano train station, at the end a 90 degree turn will take you on a bridge over the railway. Keep this road going up for 7 km towards Lugnano in Teverina.When you see a pink house on your left followed by road signs indicating “Agriturismo Le Ghiande” take the road on your left (be carefull it is almost a U turn).Follow the road maintaining your right for 600 meters where you’ll see the road sign "Agriturismo Le Ghiande" and “strada Palombara”, take this white road on your left, after 400 meters on your right between two big old oaks you’ll find our gate.



From Terni:

SS 675 highway towards Viterbo

Take the Amelia exit and follow the road directions to Amelia.

When you reach Amelia you’ll pass in front of the village entrance “porta Romana” (on your right) 

here keep going straight following the signs to Lugnano in Teverina. 

Floow this road and you’ll reach Lugnano in Teverina. At the trafic light take a left following the 

road signs towards Attigliano.

After you see the gas station “Max” on your left and a fountain on your right take the road in front of 

you with the sign indicating “Agriturismo Le Ghiande”.

Follow the road maintaining your right for 600 meters where you’ll see the road sign "Agriturismo Le Ghiande" and “strada 

Palombara”, take this white road on your left, after 400 meters on your right between two big old 

oaks you’ll find our gate.

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